Levelling the playing field with rugby – Vahbiz’s #EachForEqual story


Vahbiz Bharucha​ – Indian Women’s Rugby Captain

“My life was directionless up until my adolescence after which sport took me under its wings. Rugby turned me into an incredible woman!”

Vahbiz discusses the #EachForEqual mindset that led to her becoming the Captain of the Indian Women’s Rugby Team.


Q. How has your #EachForEqual journey been so far?

A smooth roller coaster ride with some real sharp turns which have been tummy tickling!

Q. What have been your two toughest hurdles/challenges?

A younger me would have said – managing my Physiotherapy degree along with pursuing rugby. However, today I don’t look at these moments as challenges. They now appear to be stepping stones towards my goals.

Q.Best advice you’ve received?

Keep working hard and be honest, it will pay off some day.

Q.What is the worst advice you’ve received?

Time to hang up your boots and quit!

Q. How do you strive to achieve #EachforEqual in your everyday life?

Each individual plays a very important role in our lives and in the world, each possessing a skill and quality characteristic to them. Appreciating, respecting and acknowledging these qualities irrespective of cast, creed, colour or gender at my own level, every moment of the day is how I practice #EachforEqual. Every finger on our hand looks different, together they possess a force that can punch the life out of someone. Imagine what a hand with five thumbs would be like?




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