A Mindset of Equality – Renuka’s #EachForEqual Story



Renuka is a beneficiary from Societe Generale’s Global Solution Centre Women Empowerment Program* with NGO partner beneficiary from Bhagini Women Empowerment Program  (VIDYA) shares how a personal set back has taught her to develop a mindset of equality while overcoming challenges.

After being told that girls should not interact with boys, Renuka’s need for an #EachForEqual world just grew stronger. She shares how she continues to work towards her professional dream of becoming a nurse, while promoting equality.

Q. How has your #EachForEqual journey been so far?

Extremely difficult – while my school life and friendships have led to happiness, losing a loved one in my family had me depressed for a long time. But I overcame it.

Q.What have been your two toughest hurdles/challenges?

My biggest challenge is my dream to work in the nursing field.  I have been told that my goal is too big for me, but I am keen on getting there.

My second hurdle was having to discontinue studying after tenth standard due to the financial situation at home. I have no parents and being adopted by my uncle’s family, he told me he could support my studies only if I scored 90% and above. Unfortunately, I only scored 58%. My younger sibling and I live with my uncle’s family and I understand their financial situation.

VIDYA is helping me get closer to my dream of completing my education and becoming a nurse.

Q. What is the best advice you have received?

My grandmother always gives me the best advice. Her belief that there is more to life and I should not give up, especially when I am at my lowest is what motivates me each day.

Q.What is the worst advice you have received?

A strange piece of advice, I was told that girls should not mingle with boys.

Q. How do you strive to achieve #EachforEqual in your everyday life?

My uncle and my aunt are good role models for us. They demonstrate #EachforEqual everyday through their relationship and the environment at home. My uncle contributes to household chores and through his good nature at home, contributes to equality. 

*The program aims to empower women and equip them with knowledge and skills to become self-reliant through literacy and vocational training. The trainings range from skill based to wellness, offering women everything they need to feel confident and equal in the world!



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