At Societe Generale, don’t just find a job; find yourself and fulfill your dreams

Societe Generale (SG) is more than just a workplace; opportunities are made available to all employees irrespective of age and specialty  to evolve their careers  along with their personal growth. 

As an organisation strongly committed towards greater gender diversity, enabling women to resume their careers after a break, offering sabbaticals and lateral mobility into key roles are some of the aspects that help build long careers.  Societe Generale Global Solution Centre (SG GSC) was recently recognised for the second consecutive year, as one of the ‘100 Best Companies for Women in India’ in a study conducted by ‘Working Mother & Avtar Best Companies for Women in India’. SG was also recognised as an ‘Exemplar of Inclusion’ in the Working Mother & Avtar Most Inclusive Companies Index (MICI). 

Anusha Kemparaju, one of our employees shares about how the employee-friendly policies, flexibility and the support system helped her try new things, hone new skills and explore a new role in SG GSC.

Anusha Kemparaju joined SG GSC in 2018 as a Senior Compliance Analyst and opted to work from the Chennai branch. But when she returned from her maternity break this year, she needed to work from her hometown in Bangalore in order to raise her child, and hence had to find a job in the city.

She shared her decision with her team and manager who guided her to the internal careers portal to find a position that matched her personal and professional goals. With constant guidance from the management and Human Resources teams, Anusha found a new position in Bangalore as a Senior Analyst a new role, in a different team.

“My method was simple – I worked very closely with my manager, I kept looking for open positions and learnt about all the Business Lines to understand the available opportunities better and help make a decision. Aside from the process of finding a new position, my manager was very supportive, and helped me understand finer aspects like the job description and expectations of my new role. The flexibility, and guidance I received helped smoothen the transition between my roles,” says Anusha.

She also shared “I am proud to work at Societe Generale, an organisation which supports working mothers and helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. I’m also grateful to my managers who have been very supportive throughout my journey, and I’m glad to have met them at SG GSC.” 

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