College Student to Best Presenter at an IEEE Conference!


At Societe Generale, the employees’ efforts don’t go unnoticed by the management. Priyamvada Huddar had an incredible opportunity to showcase her research paper at the prestigious International Conference on Informatics and Computational Sciences, 2019 (ICICoS 2019) held in Semarang, Indonesia. This was thanks to the support of her team at Societe Generale and her efforts in college.

Her paper on “Acquiring Domain Knowledge for Cardiotocography – A Deep Learning Approach” was accepted at the ICICoS 2019. This was a result of her work in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Ecstatic about this achievement, she approached her team to understand if she could receive support from Societe Generale so she may attend the conference in Indonesia.

Enriching workshops at the IEEE conference

When the management heard about this, they were quick to support Priyamvada with everything she needed. Being a new employee, much of the paperwork was not known to her. A few weeks later, Priyamvada was ready to leave for the conference on “Accelerating Informatics and Computational Research for Smarter Society in the era of Industry 4.0”. in Semarang, Indonesia.

The two-day conference experience, began on 29 October, 2019 in Indonesia and was off to a great start. The crème de la crème of the industry was present.

The General Chair of the conference set the context for the attendees on the first day:

  1. Mahardika Pratama (NTU, Singapore) spoke on auto deep learning and different algorithms for the same (example NADINE)
  2. Min Tjoa (TU Vienna, Austria) shared insights on computational development to meet global sustainability goals
  3. Riyanarto Sarno (ITSN, Indonesia) discussed current research in process mining

The paper presentation segment was crucial to Priyamvada. She had been preparing for long to share her findings on Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Her efforts proved to be successful – she won the Best Presenter award for her track!

Priyamvada’s achievement celebrated in Indonesia and at Societe Generale!

Priyamvada’s participation in the conference led to a priceless experience. She got to rub shoulders with the best research scholars in the industry on a global platform, learn about the Indonesia through its food and culture; and win an award for her work in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Her mentors, bosses and team mates from the Management, Technical, Learning and Development teams at Societe Generale went extra mile to encourage her research work. #TheFutureIsYou


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