Societe Generale’s new office space inspires its employees to innovate

I would like to explore how the office space has adapted, influenced and changed over a period. In the ‘20s, office interiors were designed around an open plan with clean lines, with absolutely no place for adventurism. The swinging 60’s was influenced by the youth of the era and pops of colour influenced office design. The 70’s ushered in the ‘hippy era’, and the office design changed to reflect individuality and included the introduction of the revolutionary ergonomically designed chairs. The 80’s office space design replicated the new age of Apple and the likes of technology.

Today, whether the person is a millennial or a  baby boomer, no one wants to walk into an office that is boring and uninspiring.

Subscribing to what Paul Coelho said – “If you think adventure  is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.” I believe at Societe Generale, we have become more creative and adventurous with the way we approach office design. We include interiors that appeal to our employees across age groups.

Designed to facilitate flexible working, we consciously used a gridded-layout, which caters to a variety of working styles and furnishings in vibrant colours. The new office accommodates both open and private gathering spaces that are lined with glass partitions to offer privacy while maintaining a visual connection. The ambience  provides an immersive and inclusive environment which reinforces Societe Generale’s brand identity and culture.


coffee machine
Coffee Machines that are accessible to all employees

An inclusive workplace that makes employees feel valued, welcomed, and integrated. Our design principles focused on creating an environment that values the individual and group differences within its work force.

img 2The space supports our business philosophy of connecting, collaborating, and contributing.To enable more collaborative conversations, we included seating spaces for employees to come together to brainstorm over a cup of coffee. The vibrant colours with matching tables and poufs enable greater collaboration and mobility.

img 3

This latest project is not a copy-paste job. We did things we never did before. Biophilic design elements fill the space with natural light, while offering a bird’s eye view of the city to employees.

img 4

The design provided employees a different spatial experience with the various elements complementing each other.

img 5

  1. The environmentally friendly design has led to many achievements – 40% reduction in potable water usage through the use of  low flow water fixtures.
  2. Sustainable design principles led to 7% energy savings compared to the ASHRAE 90.1.2010 standard.
  3. Zero use of CFC based refrigerants in HVAC systems, to reduce stratospheric ozone depletion.
  4. Design which allows for efficient waste management which segregates at least five different materials that were generated during the construction activity.
  5. We have included Braille signs on meeting rooms to ensure that our workplace is inclusive.

img 6

“Whatever good things we build end up building us” – Jim Rohn.

Kudos to the Real Estate team on this achievement!


Capt. Vinod Rajan Head – Admin & Facilities

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

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