Societe Generale Brainwaves 2019: Edition 5

The 5th edition of Brainwaves, has proven to be an inspiring success!

In line with our vision, “Transform to Grow”, we continue to explore and create new and increasingly innovative avenues for clients, detect synergies, anticipate disruptions in the banking sector and seek relevant talent.  Equally important to achieve this vision is a mindset of excellence and agility in all that we explore and do.


The Societe Generale Group globally organises hackathons, startup programs, meet ups, learning experiences, fun and collaborative events, that bring together students, engineers, startup communities, industry leaders, academia and employees, to encourage creative exchanges with the world of high-tech across several geographies.


One such annual event is Brainwaves, that supports identification of top talent in emerging technologies and imbibing relevant market dynamics. This edition, we focused on Cyber Security, Machine Learning and Full Stack , as we can witness these are the high impact areas that require swift transformation, from a banking perspective.  Year on year, our focus has been on emerging technologies in the banking world.



Through the build-up phase to the grand finale during March 2019, we witnessed an overwhelming response of 10,200 all India registrations.  After the meticulous shortlist of the best and bright, the final entrants were exposed to the identified banking challenges, The teams challenged the business problems head on and crunched solutions through the day and night for over 48 hours and came out with unique and innovative solutions.  Mentors and senior leaders further evaluated the solutions, showered the winners with rewards and on the spot offers


A glowing tribute to the team that put together this edition of Brainwaves for over a period of 3 months! The event, was indeed well planned with deep insights, analysis of business and talent requirements and socialized well across several online and offline channels, including Radio FM, spanning key all-India locations.


Along with the core committee and jury members, we had dedicated mentors and volunteers for Machine Learning, Cyber Security and Full Stack streams. There were team members across several functions all pooling together to realise the success of Brainwaves. A testimony to #teamspirit.

A big salute to all the participants and the winners who were highly focused on giving only but the best!

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We are one among the very few, across India locations, that went on to explore hackathons 4 years ago.  These initiatives further support our brand, in socializing the industry we represent, the high-end work that we deliver, the customer impact that we create and the focus and trust that we bet our business on.  In a way, it primes the prospective employee about the culture of the organization, which is highly customer focused and at the same time open innovation friendly, nurturing the mindset of excellence and agility and these we believe will attract the best of minds.

Indeed, we gained a silver lining of exceptional talent, through this edition of Brainwaves.




Article contributed by Renuka B L , Head -External Communication


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