Rathnaprabha Manickavachagam, Head of Innovation at Societe Generale

prabhaAt Societe Generale since 2010, Rathnaprabha Manickavachagam has held several strategic IT delivery positions and is now responsible for Innovation Strategy and delivery of Innovation Value, as such Prabha runs the accelerator program that aims at discovering Fintechs and start-ups thanks to which Societe Generale has discovered 50+ startups aligned with the bank’s digital transformation strategy.
“I feel that my boldness and hardwork have definitely helped me in my career. But I also had the chance to be able to rely on peers and on my teams through challenges.” Rathnaprabha sees challenges as opportunities to grow, one must accept them since they can “boost performance of teams and add continuous value to the organization”.
Rathnaprabha believes deeply that collaboration and supportiveness are necessary in the workplace, for personal growth as well as for business efficiency. “It is important to collaborate, see the larger picture and aim big. Learning is all about sharing the same goals and collective achievements.”

A word of advice: “Young women need to put in lot of hard work and experientially learn relying on their self-confidence and curiosity. This piece of advice is also true for men!”

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