What it Takes to Setup an Innovation Hub

At SG GSC, innovation is at the core of our operations. We offer employees a platform to implement cross-business innovation. By encouraging teams to work together, we enhance open innovation and an exchange of knowledge.

We have several programmes which help promote innovation at SG GSC – Catalyst our first accelerator program got a very positive response. The second edition of the programme is currently underway and has made the industry notice our approach to collaboration.

BrainWaves our annual hackathon received 4,000+ applications for the 2016 edition. InnoVedge our internal innovation contest generated hundreds of ideas from employees. These curated ideas are steered towards implementation by dedicated innovation ambassadors within SG GSC.

Why is it important for companies like us to innovate? By innovating, we stay ahead of a world that is changing at a fast pace. Digital transition and new technologies help us serve our customers better while allowing us to adapt to the dynamic environment.

SG GSC aims to realize the Group’s vision by pioneering cutting-edge technologies. Our focus is to simultaneously solve the problems of today while creating opportunities of tomorrow.

Design Thinking, Smart Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are a few areas we are currently embracing by setting-up Centers of Excellence (CoE). These technologies help us adapt to the financial services industry and build the “Digital Bank of Tomorrow.”

Our approach to innovation has a strong emphasis on collaboration and co-creation. We build bridges that connect our in-house experts to external partners, often leveraging the invaluable expertise of the Indian startup ecosystem.

We encourage employees to ideate, create and prototype business solutions. By doing this we want employees to make innovation a habit. We offer them different platforms to share their ideas and work on building their prototypes. Our ‘Digital Lab’ is a perfect example of a retreat for our ‘innovators’ who can take out some time to research and develop use cases.

Innovation promises to break barriers and challenge our perspectives.

It is a continuous process and brings value to individuals and to organizations like SG GSC. By recognizing the value innovation brings, organizations will become change agents, and push the boundaries.

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