Celebrating International Men’s Day: Finding the Balance

International Men’s Day is celebrated every year to honour men and their experiences, highlighting the important role men play within their families, in the community, and the world. It is meant to complement International Women’s Day and stress upon the importance of establishing healthy relationships between men and women, built on mutual respect.

At Societe Generale, we commemorated this event by speaking to a few of our colleagues on the topic. Here’s what they had to say.  

Some of our male colleagues got together and shared how they find the rhythm to balance personal and professional responsibilities.

Next, let’s hear from some of our female colleagues about how some of the men in their lives have positively influenced them.

Deepa Surendran reflects back to a time when she asked her friend about having a support system after having children. In return, the friend shared words of wisdom from her father on the importance of building a support system to ensure a stable career while managing family life.

He said, “use your resources generously to create a support system and take whatever help is needed to stay in the workforce –  it maybe not create financial gain now, but it is a long term investment in your career and family which will give you exponential return in the future”.

She often shares this maxim with young moms to help them find balance between their personal and professional lives.

Vaishali Aranha puts it succinctly and lovingly – “the ‘Greatest Man’ in the world is – Raymond Fernandez! My Friend, My Guide, My Backbone, My Protector and most importantly, My Father. He is truly Raymond, the ‘Complete Man”.


Roopal Hardeniya says – “In the modern VUCA world, men have played pivotal roles in making sure there is harmony and balance in our personal lives and professional duties.”

“My father, my brother, my colleagues and my husband understand both my personal and professional duties, give priority to my ambitions, and support me with my chores at home. Thus, on this International Men’s Day, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the unconditional love and support given by men to women around the world.”

Sumana Prasad shares – “On this very special day, I would like to thank the men in my life who have played an integral role by guiding, mentoring and being a pillar of strength, in helping me find a balance between career and family.  It’s a day to focus on your health and also feel proud of the progress we have collectively made in promoting gender equality. Thank you once again for inspiring us. Happy International Men’s day.”

Roopa M speaks about the impact of the men in her life

“I would like to thank all the men in my life who have shaped who I am today. Each one of them have played a unique role and have helped shape my life. My father, a teacher by profession, is my role model. He stood by my ambition to graduate when everyone else in the family wanted to get me married at a young age. He has instilled the values of integrity, selflessness and letting go, which are my guiding stars. My brother is always there with a happy smile whenever I need him. Though he is younger to me he has taught me patience. My husband has always supported my career and listens patiently to my problems. He is gifted with the ability to make light of any situation and make me laugh! And my adorable son, who always keeps me on my toes with his antics. Finally, the male colleagues in our office who have been there – be it for a corridor joke or a serious task …kudos to all the men 😊”

Finally, what better way than to sign off than with a moving tribute to men by Mithra Gopalakrishna.

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