Become cyber aware to protect yourself and your organisation

An ever-cresting digital wave and newer ways of consuming content have led to an urgent focus on cybersecurity. For individuals, digital makes life easier, as you can have anything at your doorstep with the click of a button. With the number of content-driven and social websites only growing, the amount of data generated has risen exponentially. For organisations, customer data is precious as it offers insights into behaviour patterns and serves as a record. In the banking and financial services industry, customer data is the equivalent of gold. Hence the chances of this asset being ‘stolen’ and misused are critical aspects that an organisation is constantly concerned with. This is where cybersecurity comes in.

While cybersecurity has been in the limelight for some years now, with the crisis and remote working becoming the new normal, cybersecurity has assumed renewed importance. Rarely does a week go by without at least one data breach case being reported by the news media.

The financial data that the banking industry and financial services sector maintain make them more vulnerable as they are obvious cyber-attack targets. Such organisations tend to worry more about the possible loss of capital and reputation. They are always in search of new strategies to raise the security safety standards. In this scenario, hiring highly qualified security talent and bridging cybersecurity skill gaps become critical.

Cybersecurity experts and teams aside, it’s a case of the chain only being as strong as its weakest link. The most important aspect for ensuring cybersecurity is to create awareness on its importance among every employee in the organisation, making it a personal responsibility. Employees playing their part can make a drastic difference in achieving security goals. 

To bring cybersecurity into focus, the Societe Generale (SG) Group observes ‘Security Hours’ every year as part of the European Cybersecurity Month with the objective of creating awareness around the importance of cybersecurity. The idea is to help employees navigate the digital world more securely and empower them to own their role in protecting cyber space.

12 to 16 October is dedicated to highlight different aspects of cybersecurity. During this week-long event, all security groups come together to organise numerous events focused on spreading awareness around information security and wider security topics covering security best practices, recognising phishing and ransomware, knowledge of the latest cyber-attacks, security awareness during the pandemic, and more.

Our leaders at Societe Generale walk the talk and encourage colleagues to be more cyber-aware. Hear their perspectives as they reiterate the importance of being cyber secure.

Some security tips – How you can be cyber safe

  • Social Engineering is a method of hacking that relies primarily on human interaction. It often involves manipulating people into breaking normal security procedures/ best practices to gain access to systems, networks or physical locations, or for financial gain.
  • Use software, digital tools and security solutions approved by the organisation to avoid information security incidents.
  • A strong password provides essential protection from financial fraud and identity theft.
  • ‘Work from Home’ is a normal work day but from home. Personal integrity and ethics are vital for all of us in these uncertain times.
  • Synchronising IT assets and staying up-to-date will help protect you and your organisation from possible cyber-attacks.

Think before you click. Enhance your cyber resilience and know the right way to respond to security incidents. Stay cyber smart!

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