Continuous learning: the fountain of youth for the mind

Are leaders born or are they made? This is a debate that’s been going around for decades with several points of contention on both sides of the argument. While the world tries to decide which side of the fence it’s on, the Talent Office team at SG GSC was creating a remarkable program like no other.

The Talent Program was developed to enhance the value SG GSC brings to the Group through a multi-pronged approach. Through practical sessions, learning opportunities and introspective discussions with mentors, individuals selected for this prestigious program adapted to new behavioural traits that would lead to their success. Furthermore, methodologies to enhance their roles and eventually lead to the success of their teams and business lines were also a part of this program.

This program also served as a medium to channelise the learning culture at SG GSC. The first batch began in 2019 to help individuals with untapped potential become leaders of tomorrow. Supported by the strengths of the leadership team, sponsors and the resources available, the program was carefully curated to ensure the learning is facilitated both on the personal and professional aspects. This led to the participants’ enhanced growth journey with measurable results.

To ensure cross-functional skill development, the 180 employees at SG GSC were divided into the Discoverer, Explorer and Voyager groups. This way, a diverse mix of participants facilitated the holistic development of the recent graduates of the program.

On 28 July, 2020, the ‘Talent Batch 2019’, as they’re fondly called shared their experiences in the presence of the management team, sponsors and all the people who helped make this program a roaring success. The valedictorians shared anecdotes of how the program has greatly benefited them across dimensions of behaviour, technical and personal branding. The authentic interactions were filled with nostalgia as was expected at a graduation ceremony.

Sunil Shah, CEO & Global Head SG GSC & Global Head SG EBS shared his views on the learning culture at SG GSC and shed further light into the intent of the program. His remarks touched upon how the program began, the rationale for the curated learning paths and how in the age of the pandemic, it only highlighted the need to stay abreast of the world around us. He further articulated the need to continuously learn, enhance ones skills and make complete use of the several upskilling opportunities at SG GSC which is not limited to the Talent Program alone. Another important aspect of the Talent Program was a means for the leaders at SG GSC to seek out, groom and nurture successors who would continue to deliver results for the Group at an enhanced level of capability. 

The CEO’s ‘graduation speech’ was an inspiring one with best practices that will enable each of us to aim higher and reach our goals:

  • Learning  should be actively accompanied by practical applications  to create a strong foundation for any goal
  • Be systematic and identify tools and situations that can help you develop yourself to be a  more capable manager and a leader
  • Make learning a habit. This program should not mark the end of a learning journey – especially with  the ocean of opportunities to learn  through MOOCs, research material on the internet, university portals which offer the latest updates in industry specific knowledge.  Dedicate a certain percentage of time to expand one’s mind, not necessarily restricted a role but across skillsets. This will create a lifelong-learning experience.

While 180 graduates crossed an important milestone in their careers through the Talent Program, the learning opportunities will continue for them. The program will offer comprehensive sessions that will also include global projects to drive transformation of the bank:
1. Flagship boot camps to enhance behavioural competencies
2. Group coaching and advocate program
3. Action learning projects
4. E-learning modules
5. Co-development session
6. 360-degree feedback to track developmental changes
7. Individual Learning Wallets for personal or professional development

The additional features such as a buddy program for new batches, a community to promote cross-functional learnings, interest based forums and opportunities for professional growth under the able guidance of the Talent Office team will ensure that each of them will never stop growing.  

Employees, managers, sponsors and the Talent Office team came together to create a unique experience which through its self-learning approach facilitated the learning and growth of the employees. The Talent Program proves that little drops of learning can make SG GSC a might ocean of knowledge and expertise.

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