Now, create an AR/VR experience without coding

Do you find it bothersome to create an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experience for your customers? Are you looking for a non-complicated AV/VR quick-fix to provide the best brand recall of your products / services for your target audience? If your answer is ‘yes’, then we have a solution for you. Read more to find out.

AR and VR as a technology not only grabs audience attention but also acts as an effective tool to strengthen long-term brand recall. Despite its effectiveness, the adoption of AR and VR technology is quite low across industries. This is due to several factors such as user’s lack of knowledge on how to build the AR and VR experience, lack of affordable digital assets to create immersive experience, complex technological and platform limitations for implementation, among others. Dependency on enablers and experts has led to delays and additional expenses. However, the technology has huge potential to see rise in consumption over the next decade in education, entertainment, manufacturing to real-estate sectors.

Taking advantage of the opportunity and analysing the low consumption factors, we at Societe Generale’s Global Solution Centre in India have built an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) product called ‘AVRly’ which enables users’ to create immersive, virtual experience by using pre-built templates in no time, and without having to code.

Our in-house team of innovators conceptualised AVRly, the DIY (do it yourself) tool which allows users’ with no prior coding knowledge, to create immersive experience by using pre-built templates at ease. An individual can create, publish and play digital experience in no time with help of the templates.  Usually, the process from briefing to building the final product is complex and time consuming. This gap analysis has helped us built the product to enable users to independently create their experience without any dependency.

The user has the option to create a new experience from scratch or choose a quick-solution from an array of pre-built digital assets from AVRly’s library. The user can simply edit the template, drag, drop and upload their own objects, customizing their own content. The DIY tool can be used across sectors such as brand marketing, sales, learning and training. The product is currently being used by our in-house Learning and Development (L&D) team to create AR/VR experience for employees.

Features of the AVRly platform:

Using AVRly, a user can create a new experience from scratch or pick any template from the library and publish the experience within minutes, with customised content.

Not only this, the DIY AR VR tool also enables users to:

  • Create augmented, virtual and mixed reality content on the platform using templates
  • Curate indoor navigation for guests within buildings using virtual paths
  • Create graffiti, express written messages or reviews on virtual word cloud
  • Share stories and information (about products and places) with others through identity module

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Blog by Nidhi Hathwalne, Project Manager and a member of the AVRly product development team

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