How Global In-House Centres can Achieve More

Yatish Shivaprasad, Department Head – MITS, Societe Generale GSC pens his thoughts on how Global In-house Centres can add value with a client-centric approach and an openness to change.

Organizations are in three different stages of maturity – growth phase, steady phase and reflection phase mostly due to a high degree of maturity.

For a growing organization the focus is mostly on the setup and strategy. Expansion of teams, projects, transitions and other allied areas are also a focus.

An organization in reflection phase is typically engrossed in renewed strategy making process – to reinvent itself in a matured market with new offerings or to avert threats from other players in the market.

Organizations in steady phase have elements from both the other phases. For Global In-House Centres (GICs) typically a time horizon of 2 to 5 years is invested in the growth phase, beyond which there is a natural expectation that the GICs deliver more value to the Group.

GICs come with a responsibility to enhance the value they bring to their parent organisation. There are several ways this can be achieved


  • Lean management techniques to improve the processes
  • Sprucing up the span of control
  • Agility
  • Building effective teams that are high performing


While there are several processes that can help GICs improve their offerings, true value creation comes from the culture and mindset of the organisation. Embracing new techniques, being open to new ideas and embracing change management form an integral part in bringing value to clients and adapting to change.



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