#FriendsAtSGGSC and the joy of coming to work

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre (SG GSC) is home to over 7,500 employees across Bangalore and Chennai. Many of the employees have also become close friends what with much of the work day spent meeting like-minded people and having meaningful conversations. Opportunities to interact with colleagues with whom we share many of life’s lighter moments enable us to discover old and new friends. This contributes to making the organisation a positive, dynamic, inclusive and enjoyable place to work at.

Every day is a celebration of these bonds of trust, friendship and camaraderie at SG GSC. The virtual scenario may have prevented employees from meeting in person and celebrating the small joys at the office, but these #FriendsAtSGGSC stories prove that the pandemic has only brought teams closer together. Join us for a peek into some of our most heartening tales.

Ajit Rayaroth’s 10-year work anniversary at SG GSC was made special by his colleagues

When Ajit Rayaroth turned a milestone this July by completing a decade in the organisation, he hadn’t imagined his team would go out of their way to make the day so special. He shares, “The team arranged a surprise virtual celebration, with colleagues and friends from previous teams across Paris and Bangalore also joining in to share their wishes and reminiscing good times together. While the lockdown has been a dampener in many ways, this has been such a great reminder that some relationships truly go beyond work.”

Asha Choukimath reconnected with childhood friends at SG GSC

For Asha Choukimath, 2017 was a memorable year – she joined SG GSC and discovered that her childhood friends Ramya Naveen and Sagar Narasimhan also work here! The trio studied in the same school from kindergarten up to grade 10 and then shifted to different schools. “When we accidentally ran into each other at SG GSC, it was like re-living those wonderful carefree days all over again – we discussed every memory, recapitulated every incident. We have been inseparable in the last three years since our reunion. With the pandemic, we have been trying to find fun and exciting ways to keep in touch – from regular phone calls to virtual birthday parties and tea parties, there are no rules to having fun! In the course of life, friends are the building blocks,” Asha says.

Akshatha Shetty’s #FriendsAtSGGSC have been there throughout the important phases in her life

From sharing food, trading stories to celebrating the most important moments in life, friends at the workplace make it every day a memorable one. Akshatha Shetty fondly recounts how her team members had arranged a surprise birthday party and baby shower at the office. “I was very moved by their gesture because it was such an important phase in my life, and they made me feel very special. My team was supportive throughout my pregnancy and my safety and well-being was always the priority. They indulged simple wishes and put no pressure on me work-wise. Everyone took care of me, just like siblings would.”

And while the pandemic has taken away the best part about formal and informal interactions – the possibility of meeting in person – it has provided perspective about how precious these relationships at work are.

Hari Priya loves spending time with her team mates at the office

P Hari Priya sums it up best, “While we are connected to our friends via social networks, physical catch-ups are greatly missed now – from team lunches, potlucks, to surprise birthday parties and TT tournaments. Being surrounded by colleagues and friends gives us the energy to power through at work, and the care, support and guidance from them contributes to our mental well-being. This Covid-19 crisis has made me realise the value of connecting with people physically. Hoping we can all reconnect in person soon!”

While every day isn’t perfect, at the end of the day, supporting each other to achieve a common goal and the small but special moments created are what the best memories are made of, especially with #FriendsAtSGGSC!

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