Diversity at the Workplace – How Varied Views Create a Recipe for Success

Societe Generale has been committed towards creating a diverse and inclusive environment long before the industry recognized the need for a more inclusive work force. With the 150-year old bank comprising 138 nationalities spread across nearly 70 countries, it’s evident that building an inclusive work environment has long been a focus area for the Societe Generale Group.

One of the key benefits of embracing diversity is the varied perspectives it offers. It is in fact one of the key drivers of our performance. We understand that diverse profiles and complementary skills help us anticipate challenges in the global banking scenario, better. This helps us anticipate risks and formulate solutions in a more intuitive way.


Read more on our approach to Diversity & Inclusion here. 

Closer to home at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre (SG GSC), not only do these values thrive, but also varied perspectives are encouraged and these are often what helps us achieve the results that matter. A candid discussion with some members of the leadership team at SG GSC revealed interesting perspectives to diversity and inclusion. When asked what it means to them, our leadership team shared their thoughts with us in a transparent manner.

“In my experience, the diversity of a team is a key strength.  It allows us to combine very different ideas and perspectives, capabilities and context to deliver solutions far exceeding what a monoprofile team could ever expect to deliver.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the differences each of us brings to the table and have more fun while doing so.” shares Mahesh Bathija, Head – KYC Utility, SG GSC,  as he explains how teams can go beyond their capabilities by simply being more inclusive.

When asked what diversity and inclusion means to him, Magesh Sambasivan, Head – Human Resources, SG GSC, shares a concise view – “Respecting individuals for who they are and valuing the different perspectives everyone brings to the table.”

SG GSC hires differently-abled individuals and helps them reach their professional dreams through various programs.


Achieving an ideal state of diversity and inclusion can never be easy. There are multiple pre-conceived notions that companies have to break to build an inclusive environment. But the ultimate goal of productivity in a harmonious way is what counts. Robin Samee, Deputy CEO, Support Functions, SG GSC shares his views on what diversity and inclusion means to him, “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion is surely challenging as they bring along differences in many folds (race, ethnicity, gender, age, etc.,) but they carry as well tons of benefits fostering creativity, innovation and a more productive workforce !”

“Organizations have diverse needs and a diverse set of people can accomplish these needs and more together. We can definitely bring infinite innovation and excitement with all kinds of new experiences and a variety of personal motivators. In our organization, we recognize and include special capabilities to bring greater value to our Societe Generale Group and our clients worldwide.” adds Rathnaprabha M., Head- Innovation & Digital Transformation, SG GSC, as she explains how diversity at SG GSC helps us innovate better.

women in technology, women in business, workplace, diversity
SG GSC has been listed as one of the best companies for women to work in, for two years in a row.

Etienne Demoulin, COO, SG GSC, shares an inspiring angle to the topic – “We are all committed to progress on diversity and inclusion and we’ve learned this is not a finite goal; it is a journey that requires constant self-assessment and commitment. Let’s have a dream, where it will not be anymore an effort, where people will all be really respected and equal for their differences in age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin. We can make this dream happen together, just starting by doing it ourselves and be an example for others.”

What is the ideal state of inclusion at an organisation? David Verdier, Head – Global Technology Services(GTS), SG GSC, sums it up when saying, “A truly diverse organisation is when they don’t hire people despite their differences, but because of their differences. Differences will be seen not as problems but as critical enablers to be smarter collectively.”

True to the very fabric of the topic, diversity and inclusion can mean different things to different individuals. As we progress towards a more inclusive environment at work, it becomes obvious that diversity and inclusion is not only a set of practices, but also a mindset – one that evolves as begin to view every person as a talented individual and celebrate our differences irrespective of culture, race, gender or otherwise.  These differences are what make us a thriving fraternity that focuses on living ‘Differently Together’.

Share your support for diversity and inclusion by posting #DifferentlyTogether online.

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  1. Achieving an ideal state of diversity and inclusion can never be easy. There are multiple pre-conceived notions that companies have to break to build an inclusive environment. But the ultimate goal of productivity in a harmonious way is what counts ———very true, it’s about quality more than quantity

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