The French Tech Tour 2017 – Hors d’oeuvre to Innovation in India

The French Tech Tour 2017 hosted by Business France, was a unique cocktail of innovation and collaboration. Setup with the intention to strengthen the relationship between France and India, 10 dirsruptive startups visited Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore through a hectic but insightful week.

The aim of the French Tech Tour 2017 was to connect these 10 startups to French and Indian multinationals with operations in India. Pitch sessions and networking dinners helped connect the startups’ solutions to companies needs.


Societe Generale GSC was one of the core sponsors for the Bangalore edition of the French Tech Tour 2017 which was hosted on 17 November, 2017. Rathnaprabha M., Head – Innovation, SG GSC delivered an address to the attendees who were a mix of entrepreneurs and large companies such as Air France. In her address, she discussed SG GSC’s approach to innovation and how it contributes to the Group’s goals.

Her interactions with the audience had many entrepreneurs pitch to her about their solutions. The session was met with great enthusiasm and was an opportunity for the companies to understand Societe Generale’s presence in India better.


Many of the French startups were pleasantly surprised at the work Societe Generale carries out in India and our emphasis on innovation. The two-way dialogues led to plenty of insights being captured for both the companies present as well as the startups looking to collaborate with multinationals such as us.

The French Tech Tour 2017 was one of the platforms being explored to help French and Indian companies collaborate and leverage the innovation eco-system in India. This is just the beginning and Societe Generale GSC is at the forefront of opportunities to drive results through innovation.

List of Startups Participating in the French Tech Tour 2017

DXO LABS ( is a team of Scientist and Engineers that are revolutionizing the camera component in smart phones and tablets. DXO possesses world-class expertise on applied Mathematics for image processing, camera design and image quality optimization.


GIROPTIC ( is a pioneer in 360 degrees live streaming and virtual reality imaging technologies and services. Its mission is to enable people to communicate, capture and share their experiences in an immersive way.

LYRA NETWORK ( offers services that are developed and implemented to secure and manage payments and data. Areas of expertise include proximity payments (POS services), e-commerce (PayZen solution), connected objects (optimal security and performance solutions for online data transfer) and e-invoicing solutions.


MEDIAWEN INTERNATIONAL ( provides secure, cloud based platforms and tools for video content localization including Closed Captioning, Multilingual Subtitling and Automatic Dubbing across Web, mobile and TV. Their solutions incorporate cognitive AI technologies to automate labour intensive work in the following industries: M & E, e-learning, education, health, finance.

MOSKITOS ( publishes Crosscut®, a scalable and modular integration platform for quick and totally secure connection of data, APIs and applications and fast digital innovation. Crosscut® gives companies the means to connect applications, devices, IoT, Cloud services and B2B partners by quickly deploying a secure platform that is easy to implement and learn.

PARTNERING ROBOTICS ( creates self-learning, mobile and autonomous robots, who’s primary objective is to take care of people and the environment.  A key player in the French Robotics Industry has succeeded in creating a Made in France disruptive technology dedicated to well-being and energy efficiency, and that keeping Humans at the center of the robotic.


PAYTWEAK ( offers Universal Secure Payment Links and accepts all credit cards and issues electronic SEPA direct debit authorisations, receiving payments directly into one’s bank account with no delay, no intermediaries and no commission charges.

Easy to setup, plug and play and accessible in expert or simplified mode, the Paytweak interface enables the whole solution to be controlled from the cloud, importing and exporting data and connecting it to one’s CRM and business softwares in one click.


PSA ( is one of the biggest car makers in the world, with renowned brands Peugeot, Citroen and DS. The Group recently bought the iconic Indian name Ambassador and will shortly start to produce and sell cars in India.  PSA plans to develop partnerships in India with Tech start-ups to promote innovation in Sales, Marketing, Customers experience or Mobility.


STREAMMIND ( has developed a unique, transversal digital platform (TIME™), adaptable to all sectors, that combines everything that is common in your information systems (without impact), and facilitates agile, scalable innovation. StreamMind has developed the software behind the European inter-banking network, SEPAmail™ (present in + 280 European banks).


TORSKAL NANOSCIENCES ( is a biotechnology company, based in Reunion Island. The company’s purpose is the design & development of metal (gold) nanoparticles by ecofriendly processes. Torksal is currently specialising in the Treatment of Cancer using Nanoparticles.

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