Welcome to the Mind’s Eye of an Innovator


Find out what it’s like to work at Victor with this 360 Virtual Tour. Best experienced with Google Cardboard glasses.

The space at Victor is 34,000 square feet of eloquent design. The design aesthetics were created keeping innovation, comfort and collaboration in mind. This eco-friendly office brims with natural light. The ‘building blocks’ of this tasteful working area comprise sustainable materials, ensuring no harm to the environment.

As you walk into the office, it almost feels like you’ve entered the mind of a brilliant, innovator. The space moves seamlessly from one theme to the next. A whacky corner here, a bustling corner there – bursting with colours that inspire you to ideate and create. Right at the heart of the work space is a Digital Lab in which employees can work on building prototypes and use cases. One can tell that this is the life-line of this office that’s throbbing with ideas.

DSC05283The avant-garde décor not only acts as a visual treat, but also serves to create an intellectually stimulating environment that offers employees the freedom to work in a manner that suits their style. The various ‘collaboration spaces’ embrace themes that let your mind escape to gardens, tasteful cafés and cozy corners of the world’s best libraries.  These collaboration areas are often filled with brilliant ideas as employees brainstorm away in their safe spaces.

DSC06101Though the environment promotes an ‘open work culture’, privacy and flexibility have not been left behind. You can choose to take calls in eclectic ‘phone booths’ shaped like a tardis. If you prefer a cozy seating environment instead, there are plenty of comfortable sofas that double as impromptu meeting booths with seating capacities ranging from one to six.

After all that ideating, you might need a little break with a shot of coffee. Escape to the Varanasi themed café – a picture perfect representation of the destination that inspired brilliant minds like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, to push the envelope of design and innovation.

DSC06119The world-class interiors and décor embrace the myriad hues of Indian culture – a Bollywood themed cafeteria with quotes from iconic movies hug the walls, complete with a motorbike and side car! If you’re in the mood for some good vibes, then the Goa themed cafeteria welcomes you with a roof covered in surf boards and a boat that offers a comfortable seating option. Turn back time to the Mughal era with a topography themed wall and snapshots from an emperor’s royal life.

DSC05550If you’re in Bangalore, looking for the ideal work environment, you’ll wish you can swipe into this exclusive office space that promotes innovation. If Alice were an ambitious millennial, creating the next big thing, this would be her ‘wonderland’ of choice!


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